Our specialist area is to provide a professional and efficient service to the Insurance Industry, conducting those enquiries needed to assist with the claims decision process.

Our experience in this area covers enquiry work across a broad gambit of claim types from personal lines polocies, through travel, commercial and rural liability, Motor, Forest and Rural Fire, Fire factual, life and disability.

We can meet with your client in the comfort of their home or workplace at a time convenient to them and discuss the aspects of the claim  and establishing the detail required by the claims handler to assist in the claims decision process.

In the area of Fire Claims, we work closely with NZ’s Cause and Origin specialists and can support  the insurer and the C&O investigator in the role of the Fire Factual investigator.

We will support your Loss Adjuster with any additional enquiries outside the normal duties of the L.A., including Meth contamination claims.

We have considerable experience in the Rural sector and can accommodate your Rural liability claims including claims against Forest and Rural fire liability. We speak the language of the farmer in terms of understanding how the farm business runs and what it is run with so your farming clients know they are speaking with a person who understands their business.

We are only a phone call or email away if you need to call and discuss how we can assist with your claims enquiry process.

2. Commercial and business.

If you have or suspect a dishonest employee, we can review, audit and investigate where required in conjunction with your HR representative.  We can review your systems to establish what permitted the offending to occur and assist in mitigating future losses.

If you suspect you have a supplier who is being less than honest in their dealings with you we have experience in the investigation of procurement fraud issues. Please do not hesitate to call and discuss your concerns

3. Legal

Discuss your litigation investigation requirements with us.


Service Areas

  • The Insurance Industry.
  • Commercial & Business.
  • Other Services.